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I heard at a function the humane society hired a new Director/Administrator or what ever they call it.  It seems it has been about a year that the niece of the board member has been in charge.  Seems pretty young, but hey good luck to her, she will need it.  Somebody that probably won't say boo or is a yes person, or maybe another friend of the family.  Hope she has some knowledge, because the place is a train wreck right now.  
I wonder if they will ever take that consultants suggestion and keep their damn family fingers out of the shelters business so it can move forward.  Then again, it is really no longer a non profit, it is a family owned business.  Special, so very special.  Did hear through the grape vine that "certain" breeds of dogs were just put down automatically,  now that is probably true thinking back on how these people work.  

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