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I am sure you all remember when past board member,hired as administrator Bartel's walked out and took some staff with her.  The niece of a board member was running the facility for a while. Lots of questions and discrepancies found.  And investigation was to happen.  As ususal nothing reported, but there were things found oh yes indeedy.  How many administrators have to say, it is the board.  How many administrators have to walk out or be fired. 
Now a young woman was hired to run the shelter, supposedly doing a pretty good job for the animals.
It seems as if a certain board member and her had a tiff and this board member resigned.  Probably taking her money with her.  It is still yet to be seen if this truly happens.  Best thing for the shelter really.  I think the city should keep an eye open to see what is going on, since the city gives them so much money.  So much history lost, the infrastructure failing because no one was doing anything about it.  Know one cared or did they do any digging to find out how to take care of the facility.  It started with one furnace, the roof, I hear the cemetery is a mess. How about the reports of no caretaker to be found when animals needed care.  People asked and go no answers.  Still a mess, with all the other things that are happening in Clinton right now.  
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