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BIG Yapper
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Thanks to the QC Times we now know what that is.  To paraphrase this morning's article, the Clinton City Council will pay David Geisler, former HR Director, $142,448 for 2 years' salary, $6,000 in medical fees, $30,000 in legal fees and the city's contribution to his pension fund.  My simple math skills tell me that's $178,448 +.

Wouldn't it have been cheaper just to tell the guy his contract wasn't being renewed?


BIG Yapper
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Thank you Mr. Rowland!!

Maggie, you really are clueless, did nothing wrong my ass. The Judge made his judgement against all involved and said yes, you did something wrong.  You were awaiting the penalty phase. 

Bev, I suspect you either didn't answer your phone or your constituents are just fed up, you wouldn't listen anyway.

Geezer, you're more amazing everyday. how do you keep defending these people. 

Iowa Code
66.1A  REMOVAL BY COURT.         

Any appointive or elective officer, except such as may be removed only by impeachment, holding any public office in the state or in any division or municipality thereof, may be removed from office by the district court for any of the following reasons:

1.  For willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the duties of the office.  
2. For willful misconduct or maladministration in office.

3. For corruption.
4. For extortion.
5. Upon conviction of a felony.
6. For intoxication, or upon conviction of being intoxicated.
7. Upon conviction of violating the provisions of chapter 68A.
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