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BIG Yapper
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Here is another opinion on what you accomplish with negative, derogatory comments about your community. It doesn't matter if you are an elected official, a clerk at the convenience store, or a person at the next table in a restaurant, you will never know when your comments will make or break an opportunity for more good jobs.


I can also assure you, no make that ASSURE YOU, that site selectors research an area on-line before they even buy a plane ticket to come and secretly check things out. So go right ahead, shoot yourself in the foot, and then proudly claim being responsible for the community missing out on more good jobs, or retail options, or housing options, or anything else you want to see happen, but will not because of your negative, anonymous drivel. The less than 12 people who do that on this forum are the ones who can be totally and completely responsible for us missing out on new investment, growth, and jobs. You should NOT be proud of you efforts.

In closing, to those who complain this community has little to offer our young people to keep them here after they complete their education - you are making the case our schools are so great that our kids can go anywhere else they want because of the great education they received here.
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